A Conflict Of Faith And Passion

I think i might have posted this twice, and for that i apologize, i just find this site very confusing.

Okay, so it started with a guy. I know how mundane that start is, but it's become alot more of a problem of faith.

His name was Evan, we got together, fooled around, and now we are 'taking a break'.

My faith is strong, and clear, he called it graceful and i think it is. Logic, reason and morals call for me to not start it again. If i side utterly with my faith and morals (i'm a wiccan by the way) i will stop now, not talk to him again, be kind and look at the bigger picture. will go smoothly and calmly.

I've been doing that for a long time. I am happy, serene. But i'm in university, surly this is the time to be passionate, reckless to make mistakes? I'm worried i'm going to wish i had been more...foolish, passionate. So do i just say, '**** everything, i want excitement' or do i go with logic? If i do try and get with him again, i wont lose god or my faith, they will still be there. I'm just wondering if i should try.. jumping out of the realm of logic. if that makes sense.

So should i go against reason, and go after him, or do what i know is best, and not take the risk?
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2012

Do what you know is right. You will respect yourselves and each other more that way, and your relationship will not be spoiled by feelings of guilt.

Just follow what is in your heart. Mind and heart should work together, but every now and then we come to a cross roads, and don't know which way to go. This means it could be a major life desision. You are the only one that has the answer, fear is just keeping you from making that choice. <br />
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Pretend your friend has this problem, not you, what advice would you give her?