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am very sad coz of my incresing weight.....i was 45 and now 75....nobody show interest in me......am very depressed...i cant wear gud clothes...i have a closet which is full of 40 pair of new clothes which my mom purchased for me....but wen she saw me she got shocked....am hypothyroid ...am not married yet.....am trying to lose weight frm last one year but cudnt do it ,,as i will get depressed in middle......i dont have a single fren to motivate me....they all are very happy wid my this look,,,my mom is very much worried abt my marriage as m 23,,no one wants to marry me ....3 boys rejected me.............some one plz help me ......m very sad ....
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Hi,<br />
So basically you're struggling with your weight and self-esteem. You believe that because of your weight, no one will be interested in you for a relationship and marriage.<br />
You've been rejected by some and that was very painful for you.<br />
You feel alone and that you have no friends because you don't measure up.<br />
<br />
Is that a good understanding of how you feel? If so, then I would like to tell you something.<br />
People all over the world have been asked this question for many decades now and still till this very day...What was the reason they were felt attracted to someone and which quality that person had was so attractive?<br />
<br />
Did you know the answer has been and always was, throughout time, and till this day, the mass majority of people answered... CONFIDENCE. Not thin or skinny, not beautiful, or pretty, not sexy, not the clothes they had on, not the size of the person...<br />
The most attractive quality almost all people say about someone is confidence, being self assured, someone who feels great about themselves and carries themselves that way.<br />
<br />
What makes a person beautiful, is seeing someone who feels beautiful and confident about who they are and remaining humble about it.<br />
<br />
Remember something...How you feel about yourself, is how other people will feel about you. You are the one who decides what the truth is about who you are and what you look like. Not others. Thing is, you are the only person who decides the value of who you are, the beauty you possess and your worth.<br />
And what ever you decide that is...Then that is what others will see.<br />
<br />
Work on encouraging yourself, empowering yourself and your self image as you are and remember that beauty isn't about weight or size or clothing...<br />
If you want to be beautiful and attractive, then all you have to do, is believe and know that you are. Just as you are today.<br />
I promise you, everyone around you will see that too. ;)

I am sorry for your pain. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid. Its awful. I am gaining weight constantly. I barely eat yet my weight constantly goes up. I am on hormone pills but they don't have a huge amout of effect so it seems. I have a host of other things wrong with me along with it. Yet dealing with my changing body is so difficult. Its is the core of your self esteem. I am not willing to except my new shape. I struggle. I don't fit into any of my clothing and I am not willing to buy new things to fit the new me. So it's a vicious cycle everytime I get dressed or walk by a mirror. The self hate. Looking for a man to want you when you don't want yourself will be difficult to attain. I know its silly but you have to be happy with yourself. You can't be happy with someone else if you are not happy with yourself. I know I am with a wonderful man yet I still struggle with the same issues. He can't fix them. Only me. <br />
<br />
Cheers to you