I Need Advice On What Exactly To Do/say...

I have a best friend and we have been really close for about 2 years now. A couple months ago I found out from someone that she had been talking about me behind my back with another girl. This person knew because the other girl told him one day. This other girl no longer attends our school now. Apparently, they started talking about me behind my back last year towards the end of the school year. When I found out, I immediately confronted her and she denied it, claiming that she would never do that. She also told me she had no idea why the other girl would even say that. I believed her because I didn't think she would do that to me.
As much as I tried to put it aside and move on, something just didn't feel right. I wanted to know the truth. One day, she left her computer and Facebook page open and I decided that I wanted to put an end to the rumors once and for all. I read the messages between her and the other girl. On the messages she admitted to talking about me behind my back and throughout this whole school year was telling her everything (personal or not) that I was telling her. She also was saying some more hurtful things about me. 
I know that it was wrong to invade her privacy, but I felt like I had a right to know. Now, I want to confront her again, but I don't know if this is the best option? If so, what should I say and how should I approach the situation?
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go to her and say i know that you have been talking bad about me and dont tell me you haven i thought we were fried and i think we should stop it but before this try to resolve your friendship because maybe you did something to make her feel this way

Start out with avoiding her. Don't talk to her any more. Drop that friend fast! You can't trust her! If you run into her and she ask why tell her everything. Then stop talking to her. Don't listen to her sorry's. She not sorry or she would have never have done it! Find new friends who you can trust!