Am I Right For Being Angry? actually (it's after midnight) is the third annual picnic that my "group" hosts. You'd think after three years it would grown and improved and people would WANT to come, ours would be the event that takes precedence over others so when it comes time to check the social planner they pick this over something else.

It's driving me nuts drilling my brain for ideas about how to make this event grow and get people committed to it. People must see the humiliating unfolding of this event online and then view the even more humiliating falling apart as it draws closer to the actual day and pity me. Maybe they don't even think about it.

Nearly everyone I invited either chose some other activity over the picnic or was committed already to working, etc.

I went from 5 people who are going according to the FB event page (me included) down to probably 2 or 3 if we are lucky. One clicked "yes" to attending but never followed up with a requested RSVP'd so he probably isn't showing up. I managed to snag one new person from Craigslist who was so thrilled and couldn't wait to attend and even asked to bring guests. She emailed this week, saying her daughter has been begging to go to the Zoo. As if the zoo won't be there.

One of our best members who I am hoping to get back to the group after a small fall out in autumn, wanted to come he said but had to work. Another wanted to come but has to work. Another one of our members who has attended both previous years decided to attend some other event instead, not sure which one. Yet another member said she wanted to come but was supposed to work as well but can't even do that because she is sick.

Today I found out the local newspaper is coming to cover the event but I am afraid we won't have anything for them to see! It's so humiliating for me because this is my event and it speaks volumes about how people really feel about both me and the event that they are unwilling to make any extra effort to be there for me, even if it means sacrificing in some way. Another member is not attending because she would rather attend a picnic at her local boat club and even had the nerve to try and promote the event online. Not hey such and such person is having an event maybe you should go check it out.

Lastly, our best members, who have come each year since the start may not be coming now at the last minute. I received a message that his wife is ill and he hasn't had time to make anything, asking if we will have enough food. Sure we will, with two people bringing stuff? We'll have a grand ol' spread to show off to the paper. He is even unsure now whether or not he will be able to come, and he's the only guy who comes in full costume. The paper was wanting to see a luxurious event with lots of people and costumes and really? It's going to look like such a joke at my expense. I would straight up cancel but so much time, energy and expense has gone into this already.

Where are people's brains? Seriously. Do they never stop to think how much a person is counting on the help of others? My mother spent $40 last night helping me pay for my share of supplies and I literally spent the entire day preparing, even skipped breakfast and lunch. She helped me polish all my service ware even. I just don't think they realize how much planning goes into it on my end.

I understand people have to work and people get sick and you can't be angry at them, I am just angry that it seems like "things happen" unusually too much for me and with this event. Next year, I will try setting it on a much different date and I bet no matter what I try to do differently to accommodate people, everyone will still find reasons to leave me hanging.

It worked out as a blessing that the only other person who is reliable turned around and did what I suggested not to. The two who were supposed to come who now neither may not make it were supposed to bring something. I advised her to bring desert and berries, turns out she made 3 dozen sandwiches and is bringing cheese rolls and crackers and a snack tray. I bought cheese! If they were still coming, we'd have pretty much nothing but sandwiches to eat now. This is such a disaster, so embarrassed and did everything right.

* Oh, and to put the icing on the cake, I sliced my finger trying to cut up the pineapple tonight for my fruit bow display. I have three packages of the same bloody pattern of the skirt I was looking forward to making and wearing and none have the pieces I need in them anymore. Lastly, I only discovered tonight that after nearly year, one of my newest additions to my silver service ware collection (it wasn't worth anything) most likely was hijacked during the packing up after last year's event and/or after a tea we hosted in July. Great. Now not only am I humiliated, disappointed and very hurt by the actions of others, I now feel totally betrayed and used.*
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Next time to get people intrested maybe advertise that you will be doing raffles, door prizes, and you have a certian band that will be playing. Spice it up a little, and people might show more intrest in attending. By doing raffles and door prizes you could make your money back, they win and you get some money in your pockets, It's a win win for everyone. <br />
<br />
Advertise your event about 3 weeks before the event in the local news paper, make flyers and put them up at the grocery store, gas station and any other well know establishment in your area. Make the flyers look good and intresting. Food, entertainment, live music, raffles, and door prizes. <br />
<br />
Have fun with it. Don't be bummed out about this years event, just take it as a lesson, and start figureing out ways to attract more guests in future events.