Why Is Being Smart In Middle School A Crime?

I'm sick and tired of 'popular' people looking down on the smarter ones. My friends laugh and make jokes about the clever ones in my year and my whole school, comment on the way the walk, dress, eat etc. It makes me sick whenever they laugh whenever a girl wears their tie too long (we have uniforms with ties), what sickens me the most is the way they mock my family.
I have three other sibling in my secondary school... Sean who is in year nine (grade 8), My twin older sisters, Vanessa and Suzanne who are in year 13 (grade 12). My friends always say my brother, Sean tries too hard in school and is a pathetic sad nerd with fake 'friends'. And they don't stop,whenever they see him they make the same snotty comment loud enough so my brother can hear as well. They try and say they're joking or don't mean to be offensive but it really hurts me how they do this.
My twin sisters Vanessa and Suzanne are the top students in my school, they are brilliant dancers and receive straight A's. MY friend always goes that they are losers with no life. I remind her that Suzanne will be going to Cambridge and Vanessa will be attending Oxford and what truly matters is what happens after high school. I try so hard to defend my role models, my sister s but my friends don't stop teasing and mocking them. She always goes 'One of the twins liked (guys name) and (guys name) liked her back so (guys name) asked her out but your sister turned him down for studying... no life, right?' or 'My older sister said that your twin sisters had a slumber/study sleepover party on their birthday... like they studied and ate candy at the same time... how lame is that?' I defend them saying it was those little things that make them achieve such greatness...
I'm worried and sick of this. I'm worried that'll they will start doing this with me, the youngest sibling... And every time they open their mouths to mock my family I feel like vomiting in their faces. It's about time when people start realising it's is 'nerds' that have a life, it's us nerds that graduate secondary school knowing we'll have a future... And soon the popular people will work for us 'nerds'... We reach for the stars and achieve and they... the look down on us more clever ones... When can people just start seeing, seeing that after high school, secondary or whatever you call is a world where we smart ones rule the place, get higher jobs, earn more money, know what we have for the future...
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stay true and strong. i loveee ur spirit of nerdiness (: I'm sorta like you too.. in a way!

Thank you sooooo much, you are completely right. It's true some people respect me for being clever, because they think my knowledge is like magic... (: and those 'friends' I realised are simply just jealous... 'friend' number 1 who says stuff about my brother actually turned out to have a crush on him... 'friend' number 2 who said bad things about my sister because she has an older sister who didn't get into college. They make mean and silly jokes because they feel insecure about these family members of mine... And finally I'm proud to be a nerd! Today, I managed to go to school with a long tie and skirt, sit at the front of the classroom and give long full detailed answers, did quadruple amount of homework etc. And trust me it feels great! I thought my friends would've said nasty things but instead they said " Wow Sarah, you know a lot about History! Do you mind studying with me at lunch time!" and "Hey, could you help me out and describe how to find the point of enlargement? YOu make it looks easy!" From now on I'm not going to let anyone in the way of what I want to do and who I want to be. And believe it or not I have already made one of those cool lists you recommended!! Thank so much (:

Dear Sara, I was replying to one of your posts and I saw this, I can't help but post a reply here. I'm in the 9th grade and I know exactly how you and your siblings feel. Although my situation was never like yours, I had many incidents when people put me down for my qualities throughout my middle school year. However, eventually i gained most people's respect, i never changed myself and I showed them that I was sure of myself. Hahahaha, then my first year of highschool, people kept asking for my help. However, I never tried to be anything but myself, and I never will. I guess that's why they started respecting me. I hope that you will never change nor your brother, be strong because being unique and smart is amazing! And the one who has "fake" friends is not your brother, but it's those who say that to your brother. A true friend would never make insults and bring a tear to their friends eyes, those friends are rare to come by, but when you find one, you will know for sure. If I was in your school and even if i didn't know you. I would go up to those people who talk that way about your family, and I would tell them "When you judge and criticize other people especially kind, smart, and innocent people like these, it only shows that you are the one who needs to be criticized. What do you gain from doing this to anybody? If you apologize, they might forgive you. But start looking at yourself and criticizing your own behavior. Maybe then I might respect you" Good luck Sara, be strong, be who you are. And don't forget that it's okay to make mistakes in life, that's what you learn from. Start looking at your friends and sorting them into three lists in your mind: 1. The people who are your friend because of who you are 2. The people who are your friend just to use you and 3. The people who you are not sure about. This is what i was taught by a very wise man. This way, you know who you can be true to and who doesn't deserve you. And you can carefully watch the people in the third list to find out why they are your friends. Just remember that anybody who isn't your friend because of who you are, doesn't deserve you. I hope that everything will go well for you :)