Im 13... Too Young To Dream?

t's always been a personal dream of mine to go to Cambridge. I know it's very difficult to get it, I know there is about 8000 rejects a year. At first I was a student who received a decent amount of A's and a dozen of B's, when one of my best friends received straight A's it made me realise that it was possible. Possible to achieve very high academically, that's when I started trying properly, for real. I reduced my grades by 3 B's, i feel like I have failed my simple goal. So I brought myself together and I made a promise to achieve straight A's.. PROPERLY THIS TIME! I haven't received my report card but I am trying very hard, I take time and make sure my homework is up to Cambridge standards before handing it in. When one of my twin older sisters, Suzanne, got accepted into Cambridge it made me realise... if she could get in why can't I??? Now, I try so hard with homework and I complete all work a week before it's actually due, I revise and study in my spare time and never leave the house to hang out with my friends and go to the library at lunch time to revise for up coming tests instead of gossiping about boys. I believe in myself, I believe I can achieve my only goal... I am obsessed with going to Cambridge that I have a scrap book on what will impress Cambridge, what to do during my interview, where it is, what subjects they teach, how difficult it is to get it etc. I decorate and add research to my scrapbook in my spare time as well. I have showed some close friends my scrap book and only one has supported me in my dream, others think I'm crazy, don't believe in me... roll their eyes at me like I'm alien... ever since 8 of friends have given me that disappointing look I have given up on my dream all together... I have finally realised that I was crazy from the beginning and it is stupid to be trying so hard when I'm only 13... I shouldn't be devoting every minute of my life to a silly dream that'll never some true... My only inspiration was my sister Suzanne, but now she's slowly slipping away and going Cambridge, away from me. When she is completely gone I will have nothing left. Nothing to dream about. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to try for . N O T H I N G.
sarahalicehughes sarahalicehughes
13-15, F
May 7, 2012