I Need Some Advice Pleaseee!!!

Lost as usual. 

Im stuck in a major at university I do not enjoy. Im studying abroad and its costing a lot for my parents. However, Ive been failing like crazy and I just have no motivation no matter how hard I try and Im in and out of depression. I dont want to drop out for the fact that my parents money already went into it. Im in second year, heading to year 3, may have to do an extra semester. And I just do not want to be a university drop out. I closes my eyes and all I dream about is owning a clothes line and traveling the world working with charities. Im here doing psychology and management. I dont know what to do. I already got two notices that if I dont get my gpa up I'll be kicked out. I know Im smart, but right now I just feel so lost, and Im tired of doing what is expected and socially accepted. Help make some clarity please.
lillyla lillyla
May 9, 2012