My Girl..

Ill start off with some background. I have never really had problems with girls. All through highschool and early college I was out, and going on dates all the time. I never really let myself get too caught up in something, it just wasnt me. My girlfriend was the same way. She was never really into the dating scene, but she is beautiful and I'm sure had attention in highschool.

I started out the same way with my girl, that I did with all the others. I was really easy going and relaxed going into it. For a couple weeks we dated a little before deciding to take this thing head on and start a commitment. I grew so much and fell so hard for this one.. I have never been so in love with something in my entire life. There was a lot of passion, and we made each other the center of our lives. We expressed how both of us have never really felt like this for someone before.

My girlfriend has a ton of mutual friends with me. This is how we became acquainted in the first place. Her roomate and best friend in highschool was extremely jealous at first. She didn't want my girlfriend talking to me, and made her feel guilty for going on dates with me. Immediate seperation from day one. The more time I took her away from her friends (who were used to her coming at the ring of a bell) the more they began to tell her how different she is, and how i was changing who she was.. when really we just wanted to be with each other. The day came when It became too much for her to bear. She told me she lost who she was, and she needed time away to find herself again. The single-most hardest thing I have ever heard.

Now It's been about 2 months since that day. There has been a lot of seperation and hurt. We still tell each other we love each other. I've seen her two times since we seperated and both times, we fell right back where we left off.. Absolutely in love. A few days of seperation and we fall right back into the same story. She is always making excuses or doing other things she feels is more important than me. I'm sitting here trying to make time for her everyday, and being rejected over and over. I still get the "I love you" though. She still tells me she loves me, and I know she isnt talking or being with any other guys... She just wont give me the time of day.

It is now to the point where It hurts so bad holding on to this, and hoping we can eventually be together again. I really do love her, and I want her back desperately. I'm just extremely torn between which way to go. How do you tell someone you love, that you dont want anything to do with them anymore.. what do I do? Should I continue to hold on?
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I would tell her you love her but your not going to wait for her anymore. And if she goes back out with you it has to be forever and once you break up again over her controling friends your done for good.

if a freind broke you up it was there choice and not ready to be an adult<br />
sorry<br />
<br />
i never dated i fell in love early and we married each other very early and we never looked back we could not have kids so me had alot of fun with each other