First i was going out with this guy and then when we had 3 months together he was like starting to treat me like **** , so there was this guy and he was so sweet and he will give me advice and i started to like him alittle so like .. i broked up with my boyfriend becasue he was treating me bad and because i sort of liked the other guy .. days after the guy said he didnt like me so yea i got really sad , and then there was this other guy that he was calm and sweet too and he will invite me to see movies and like that and we were like getting to know eachother for almost a month but then i cheated on him with a other guy i maked out with him and then i told my friend and my friend told him that i was going to keep it a secret but she just haded to tell him so we fighted and were just friends right now .. but i really didnt want to be with him because he will get mad for stuiped things and he would like me for me , he wouldnt want me to be a crazy girl or saying bad words or anything like that .. so its been 3 or 4 weeks that were just friends and nothing else and there is this other guy that is sweet and he came to my house friday and we maked out but the next day i told him that it was bad because we are just friends and the guy really likes me so much and i told him we could be friends and see what happens next , but my cousin is telling me that why im i saying cute stuff to him if i dont want nothing with him , But i really do want something with him but like with the time just get to know him .. but what should i do? i hate when my cousin is telling me that im a **** :(
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1 Response May 9, 2012

You're 13-15 - how about focus on school and being a kid before making out with different guys and thinking about guys and wondering about guys. You're still young, so act young.