So i have a friend that  called me a name and so i got upset and then her and another friend started passing a note that i suspected was about me, so when she wasnt looking i took it out of her book that she put it in and I read it. I was right about it being about me and I was hurt by all the things they put. Should I confront them or should i leave it alone? I need Help! PLEASE!
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5 Responses May 10, 2012

A real friend wouldn't write nasty things about you. You don't need to confront her, but you don't need to be her friend anymore either. <br />
Someone who would do that isn't worthy of your friendship.

avoid but be friendly... then kick her *** and say to get the **** out of your life. (: or just stick to avoid but be friendly :) :)

They will lie about the note or act like they don't give a **** or get pissed off at you for stealing it. But good luck! Find new friends even if they pretend to be sorry.

You're putting things in this persons head. You don't know for certain that they'll lie and not give a ****.

Confront them about the note - you have a right to. Tell them how you feel, and if they don't care, then find new friends. But don't ignore them without talking about the issue first.

No don't it will blow up in a war. Just ignore her from now on. Don't talk to her don't look at her. Pretend she's not around anymore. Find new friends and have alot of fun with them.