Every Teenagers Nightmare : Braces

Me and my brother are the only people in my secondary school that wear braces. My sisters used to so it was them two but they got rid of them 4 years ago. they are 400 PEOPLE in my school and 2/400 = 1/200 people wear braces and one of them is me! How horrifying is that? Some of my classmates are like ' Sarah, why did you glue a bracelet on your teeth?' not in a sarcastic way but in a way that they don't even know what braces are. My teachers think I wear braces as an accessory and tell me to only wear clear colours sometimes. They think bright colours aren't suitable for school... it's not like I want to wear braces in the first place!! And it's so painful I can only eat mushy foods like avocado and over cooked pasta and people stare at me when I cut my broccoli in tiny pieces during lunch. I have to floss between lessons so I look like a hygiene freak with OCD. Usually I don't care what people think of me but now I think I look like a freak, the worst part is my brother also has braces so we're like the freaky Hughes sibling... with mechanical teeth... During sleepovers while people are watching romantic comedies I have to brush my teeth carefully floss and mouthwash, I cannot eat popcorn or crisps or drink fizzy drinks because they contain too much acid and crunchy foods get stuck under the brackets of my braces. And please don't say it'll be over in a couple of years because that's not the point. The point is I don't think I can survive another day wearing braces even though I've only got them done yesterday...I year and 364 days to go until I can tear off the metal from my teeth... 1 year and 364 days until I'm free... !!
sarahalicehughes sarahalicehughes
13-15, F
May 12, 2012