Why Can't I Like People My Age?

I've never really had a crush before in my life until this year... This school year in term one I was obsessed with a guy a year above me, I liked him because he was different and mysterious but he left the school soon afterwards. And now I won't admit it to myself but whenever I say this guys name I blush and the worst part is he's my brother's mate... and he's older than me. Why can't I just like people that can actually like me back? Because these people can never notice me and like me because to them I'm Sean's little sister not Sarah. Maybe it's because the guys in my year are jerks and are perverted and stuff.But still why can't I stop falling for people that will recognise me as ME not my brother little immature annoying sister because that's not MEEEEE!!!!
sarahalicehughes sarahalicehughes
13-15, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

I know how you feel (: trust me. I'm about your age and i fell head over heels for this guy (also older than me also same age as my older sis) once and started slipping notes in his locker. my sister told me that was an ammeter move so I stopped little did she know the guy i was slipping notes too was one of her friends. Her guy friend told her he was receiving weird love notes and my sister pieced it together. She found out it was me. And it helped a lot because she started helping me get this guy to like me and stuff annndddd it worked! she introduced me to him and he were hanging out and having fun and stuff (: you should tell your bro!