I Wish My Dad Was Dead!

This isn't another complaint from any old teenager saying their dad is annoying, this is real. I WISH MY DAD WAS DEAD. IN A GRAVE. DUST AND BONES. Why? Because the way he thinks he can control me. I may only be 13 but that means I can do what I want o in my free time. No, I'm not allowed to ask question about braces when I have them because I'll be too 'annoying' I simply just water to know how log I had to wear braces for and he went ' Sarah STOP BEING ANNOYING ON PURPOSE, STOP JABBERING OR I'LL SEND YOU TO YOU ROOM!' I said ' I actually to go to my room, bye,' so my dad got very angry because my punishment was what I wanted 'Sarah GO OUTSIDE!' That was also okay for me because I wanted to water the plants. 'Sarah GET LOST!' At that point I actually wanted to get lost and never find my way home.... So I did. Unfortunately, I couldn't survive without enough food so I had to go back home... the first thing my dad said was 'Oh look it's my favourite daughter, I never realised you left home...' I felt like shouting at him, because I had left home for nearly a week, about five days surviving on my pocket money and staying at a distant friend's house over the night. I wanted to punch him in the throat and watch him suffer like how I did... But I just couldn't, I didn't want to be like my father so I didn't do any harm and instead I went, 'Please don't call me you daughter, I don't have a dad.'
A week has passed and now I can't cope living under the same roof with that man. I want to forgive him but I can't believe he didn't care after I left for 5 days. Did he even notice? Did he even miss me? Does he love me? Did he ever love me?
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your father has no right to treat you that way but i do suggest you talk it out with him, tell him how you felt, let him now your hurt. The braces part doesn't matter step48 because no matter how much money you put for your kid it doesn't show love. Money doesn't equal love. You can't buy love. and you only have one father... :( step up and mature a little. don't run away and cower. BE MATURE. BE STRONG.

my mum paid for the braces...

That is a sad story. You sound like a great person. Your dad should realize that your never promised another day in this world and he needs to be greatfull to have you. You never know when your time here is done. Take care.

Who paid for the braces? You or him?