Guys Are Another Species, Agreed?

When a guy says one thing they mean another! I can't understand what they're trying to say! When they say 'I shoved your pen up my a$$' they actually mean 'The pen's in your pencil case.' Is this some code language? Or is it a perverted way of talking?
Anyway, I'm not the best sister, I may have read my older brother instant messages on purpose. So I read his chat between him and this guy I sorta liked let's just say his name was Will. My brother pretended to be ME on his Skype and he started writing random things pretending to be me! He was like :
Bro : hi this is sarah are you the american dude my brother talks about?
Will : Who is sarah?
Bro : sean's little sister!
Will : Sean I know it's you.
Bro : No it's really sarah! Don't tell sean I'm using his account.. shhh!!
Will : Um sean it's kinda obvious it's you...
Bro : Nope it's seriously sarah!! I'm so awesome! (by the way I would never say that!)
Will : Oh, then do you wanna go out?
Bro : OMG! really? yeah totally!!!
Bro : sorry my sister was using my account I'm back.. holy shi* did you just ask me out?
Will : Um no.

So now I'm really confused because I read this ages after this happened... did he actually mean to ask me out or was it just a joke? Any guys out there that have a clue or any girls that can understand the male species? I just want to know whether he was serious or not.
sarahalicehughes sarahalicehughes
13-15, F
May 13, 2012