Need Advice Soon As Possible.


Hi everyone :)

So i need help. Its about this guy who i met last weekend at a bar. So we hook up and i sleep over at his. We are very into eachother, and in just one night, we shared a lot of feelings and secrets. We have a date next weekend so that's exciting. But there's one problem..

Yesterday i was at a party with some of my friends, and there were some girls who were this guy's ex, who I am supposed to go out with. And i got some rather uncomfortable information about him...
They said that he is not a ''settle'' down type of guy.. He has cheated before with his last girlfriend who he was together with for six years. They said that he doesn't take anything serious.

So what should i do? Should i take a chance and just get to know him, and be careful, or ignore him? i dont know...Help..
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Well i've decided to have this no strings attached kind of thingy between us, since i could never trust him enough to get any more closer...

If i say stuff like ''if you cheat on me, i will get back at you really bad'' will only scare him off, or think imma psycho :P Yea but im afraid, that when he goes out with his friends and party, i will go and spy n ****, i dont want todo that? Or worse, i dont want to read his phone messages or anything, but what if i have to?

Right all wrong girls. Talk to him don't let him know you about them. Say honestly is important to me. Say I won't put up with cheating. I believe you should earn my trust. I will get back at you really bad if you even try to cheat. Then take it slow. And if you got a bad feeling dump him. Watch him like a hawk for a while.

It wasn't only one girl telling me about him?<br />
no but they all had been with him, fall inlove with him, and then he just went and cheated with them all.. So there has been many ''wrong girls.''

Get to know him people change. Ex's are always going to say mean stuff. Maybe he didn't want to settle with the wrong girl?