The Biggest Mistakes Ive Made

Recently me and my best friend got into a serious fight and shes pregnant and i told her i hope she miscarriages when we fought, and the really sad part is i have said this like 3 times :( I have been crying so much, and this time i NEVER want to say it again...i feel so worthless, and just like a really low person. Im supposed to be a christian and I have not been proving that for a long time, and i know i am a great person, i just tend to say the worst things when i am mad, and it is just tearing me apart. What can i do, if you have any advice to let my friend know i want to change my ways? And how can i control my mouth when i am upset, or mad from saying something hurtful?
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1 Response May 14, 2012

First of all, you need to apologize to her, and let her know that you didn't mean what you said.<br />
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You also need to learn to control your anger. When you find yourself getting upset, walk away from the situation before you do something you regret. Even though you may something that you don't mean, you can end up really hurting someone because of it. <br />
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Try to think of them when you get so angry, and then maybe you'll think twice about saying something cruel.