I Can't Give Up Because I Have Never Tried!

So my story is that I am 26 years old male and I have never been in a physical relationship with someone. I have been out on a few dates in my life but not that many. I am a point in my life where most of the time I have convinced myself that being single is a good thing. It allows me to be free, independent and do what I truly want to do. But every now and then I know I need to get out there and try to date. My problem with that is that I am very self conscious about a lot of things in my life. Those things that I am self conscious about lead to a lot of anxiety and not having confidence in myself in regards to the opposite sex. The one thing I truly know that I want is a love like in a fairy tale. That probably sounds weird coming from a guy, but it is what I grew up with and never forgotten.

Anyway, I need some advice. How do I get over my anxieties and push myself out there to start dating?
2 Responses May 16, 2012

Everyone has insecurities, even people who appear to be confident. There's probably a lot of good things in your life, so focus on that. <br />
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Life isn't like a fairy tale, but that doesn't mean love can't be magical. A lot of girls would kill for a romantic guy who treats them well. <br />
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You may not ever be Prince Charming, or find a girl who is perfect. But no one is perfect and you can't expect them to be. <br />
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I find it's usually the imperfections, the quirks, that I love most about a person. Just get to know people, and let them know you. The real you. Eventually, you'll find a girl who loves it, anxiety and all.

Start out slow. There is no fairy tale. Get to know the person.