Family Unsupportive

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years now. The past year or so we have talked more and more about getting married. (He even took me to a jewelry store to look at engagement rings--yay!) We both want to get married and I think we are a perfect fit in every way. I want to marry him more than anything. But I have one concern--my parents. I am 23 years old and they still treat me like a child (I am their youngest child. Can't blame them for holding on to that), even though I am a college graduate, financially independent, have a stable career, and have been in a wonderful and committed relationship for two years. It is very frustrating and I am worried that they wouldn't be supportive if I told them I was getting married. How can I convince my family to come around and view me as an adult and not their baby girl?
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

It's really simple just don't over think things. Just explain how you feel in no uncertain terms. You are clearly NOT a baby anymore, just remind them of how independent and successful you have become over the years. They should have absolutely no reason not to support you in your decision, especially since you have already gotten college out of the way, are financially stable and prepared to get on with your life. If you are sure you and your boyfriend are a great match then go for it, it's the next big step in your life and your family needs to be behind you on that, the same way they have been for all your other milestones.

In some ways you'll always be the baby. But if tey are trying to control you saying you can't do this or that. Or marry him say I'm marry him and its not up for debate. If your not going to be happy for be don't go. If they you can't do some thing say its not up for debate you have no say in it. Walk away don't give another answer. In time maybe they will get they hint.