Me, Myself And I

    I got accepted into a college which has my program and got a scholarship worth 10,000 dollars. I was so excited I told my family that I was accepted and their reaction was "that college was desperate for people to go there school that why they accepted you". When I heard their reaction I was heartbroken. I felt as if whatever I do would never make them happy. During high school I was never that student that had honor roll or got straight A's but I passed all the classes and did what I need to do to get by. For once in my life I felt amazing to go to this school and receive this scholarship but the support of my family as has been terrible. I dont have much friends share my feelings with. I just feel like giving up on my dreams to finish school because of the lack of support from anyone. I want this so bad so I can have a better future. When I hear this negative response from my family i feel terrible and it put me down. What do you think I should do about my family negative remarks? I need some motivation!!! Thank in advance =)
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

You should feel proud of yourself for getting a scholarship, and frankly so should you family. <br />
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It sucks that they aren't being supportive, but you have to follow your heart!<br />
I say go to college, and have the time of your life!

Forget what they said and go. Keep thinking about that feeling you first got. How do they know that they take just anybody do they work there? Collage's won't just take anyone even smaller one's. The fact that you got in is really good! Don't give up on your dreams for anyone! You'll regret it.