I Am Going Through Kind Of A Hard Time And I Need A Bit Of Advice Please

As a sophomore in high school, i had to move half way across the United States. I had to leave my friends and family, it was really hard but i managed. The night before my mom and i left was my Homecoming dance and i went with my friends. We wanted to make that night memorable because we knew it would be a while before we seen each other again. so at the dance we had a great time, when it was time to leave my friends and i stayed back in the commons of the school and said our goodbyes. well, most of my friends said good bye. there was one that didn't and it crushed me, i had a crush on him and we were also friends. we where those two friends who they picked on each other and they got into trouble in class because they were messing around. but anyway we were pretty good friends, and i really liked him, but i have no idea how he felt about me. well that night at the after the dance he walk right bye me and didn't say anything. he knew i was leaving, and didn't say even one single word to me. It made me feel horrible, when he walked on i turned to my best friend who knew i liked him and she gave me a huge hug and i just started crying. her and i had an agreement that we weren't going to cry because we were going to video chat and call and text all the time, it would be like i never left, so she knew what i was crying about but the rest of my friends thought i was crying because i was moving 2000 miles away in the morning. Neither one of us said anything and haven't talk about it since then, but i have tried texting and facebooking my crush and he rarely ever answers me. i feel like i annoy him and that is why he doesn't reply, so i stopped trying to contact him. but i text-ed him the other day, we talked for a bit and i got to thinking i still really like him but i cant tell him and even if i did it would do no good and i doubt he likes me too. but i think about him a lot and i tell my new friends about him and the crazy things he and i used to do in class and we get in trouble for. for example one day in biology class( he always sat either in front of me or on my right, usually on my right) he kept stealing my binder and my sharpies. he was drawing on my binder, little faces and stuff, then out of the blue he started licking my binder and chewing on my sharpies and then he took my flash drive and started chewing on it. it was so weird but funny at the same time, so i wasn't really sure what to do but we ended up getting in trouble because we were "fighting" over in binder, sharpies, and flash drive.
I find myself thinking about him more and more, even though i know we will never be more then friends and eventually we most likely wont even be friends anymore. i just don't know what to do. How do i get myself to stop thinking about him? i need help please!
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I'm assuming the reason why he was so cold towards you, is because he was protecting himself from being hurt. A lot of men do not like to show their emotions , so they hide them. Don't think it's because he doesn't like you, if he had no feelings towards you, then he probably wouldn't of reacted the way he did.<br />
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If you want to forget about him, then you need to completly remove him from your life. Stop texting, stop facebooking, and don't call him. Once you start making friends and going out you will start to forget about him. Although we always think of our first love, and that is completly normal. <br />
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Good Luck, I hope everythig works out for you.

thanks for the advice. it is very help ful