I'm Losing My Friend To Drugs

I am very concerned and worried about her. It really hurts to see her and not see the same person I'm used to seeing. All she has to talk about are stories of her getting wasted, smoking weed, and what set me off was when she told me that her and her "friend" did coke for the first time.

It all began getting bad when she when she went off to college (miles away, in San Marcos) and started partying (which is normal). Given, we lost touch, but still tried to catch up every once in a while. Well she got into smoking weed and made friends with lots of partiers and now that she's home, she's hanging out with a co-worker that does what they do.

I'm going to say that I've partied and smoked weed in high school, but I felt as if I've grown out of it and she's gone deeper into it :( I feel terrible, but I called her mother because I knew it was the right thing to do. Her mom never kept tabs on her since she was 16 so I thought maybe she needed to get caught in order to start quitting.

Well now she's very mad at me, saying how I was her best friend and she trusted me, and when I tried calling, she texted me saying that she really doesn't want to me anymore. It really hurts, I understand her being mad, but I don't know if I'll ever get to talk to her again...
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1 Response May 24, 2012

Sometimes we have to do things that will hurt someone even if it's for their own good. <br />
If telling her mother means that now she will have to give up the drugs and alcohol, it's just a sacrifice you have to make. <br />
Maybe when she's clean, she'll understand why you did it. Right now, she's probably not thinking straight, and is most likely lashing out at everyone who is concerned for her. <br />
<br />
Just know that you did the right thing. It's better to have your friend alive and mad at you then dead.