Ok. I Need Some..opinions. Please.

I have a friend.
Me and her have been Role Playing since 2008, dec/17th, on the internet. And the Role playing was about anything at all, we did whatever we wanted in it because it was a way for us to get some good ideas for story making.
She has had at least, three relationships since then and still role played with me the same way, whether it be sexual or violent, whatever. (And no. We don't see each other that way.)
Her three suitors have not seen any problem with that at all. With us role playing like that, since we Role play full stories like that with other people as well as each other.
Recently, she has gotten into a relationship with another since her three ones had failed. A friend of mine and myself had been talking about him, and recently my friend who Role plays had said that this guy has been mentally abusing her. Me and my friend tried to help her out, but discovered it was all a lie told by her after we discussed it with the guy. (My friend has a reputation for lying to get attention.)
Things have been going that way since.
Recently. When I came to her to ask her about Role playing like we did before. She told me she could not because her boyfriend said it was "Cheating". Now, I have went to another friend about this as well. She thinks the same as me.
We both think that this guys excuse for not letting my friend, well, be herself at all, is either because he is:
Self Concious
Does not trust my friend
Is either completely stupid
Or all of the above.
The way my role playing friend described it, was very off. She would not give me a reason other then his own opinion on the matter. Which left little to no REAL logical reasoning at all.
Now, I could understand this mans reasoning, if my friend had been doing that before but something for the Role Player she was doing that with. But, other then that. It does not make any sense at all.

I decided to ask complete strangers, because I know no one will lie to me about it here.
So I need to know.
Is she lying again?.
Is there another reason behind this?.
RivoltaSilenziosa RivoltaSilenziosa
18-21, F
Jun 12, 2012