Don't Want To Do Something I Shouldn't..

Hi :)

Right so I've talked about this guys in other stories etc. I've had a huge crush on him for about a year and a half, we live in different countries and I'm gonna move there in a few months to study. We met once last year but not since. He told me he likes me and wants to go on another date when I'd be back there, to see if something happens.

Now, he doesn't post a lot on facebook, but he's commented a few things (the ones I least expected him to xD) so it means he still has a look at what I post from time to time. Or more than that, I don't know. I don't know how much he likes me either. He said "I've always liked you" but that doesn't "mean" anything, does it?

My problem, and what I need advice on, is that I am a very passionate kind of person. And I post a lot of things (like love songs and such) and I would like to know if you think that could scare him off. I've always posted things like that, so it didn't change with what he told me. But still, I wonder.. He's more of a "going at his own pace" guy.

I think I might be acting as if he'd told me he loved me and wanted us to be together. My excuse would be that I've never been in a relationship but it a small excuse.

I would also like you opinion on this: I like sending him messages (on fb, not texts), saying things such as "have a great day" etc. When I do it, I don't expect an answer or anything, I just want to put a smile on his face. I don't do it everyday but I'm usually the one initiating conversations etc. and I fear he might feel pressured into answering or even into a relationship... So do you think I should drop doing that?

Thank you for reading this, have a good day :)
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Listen to your own self - "I'm usually the one initiating conversations and etc."<br />
You're a smart girl and you already know what's up :)<br />
FWIW - Drop all contact and see if/when he picks it back up. There's your answer.