All I Want Is This

I want a boyfriend. All my friends and family and everyone around me has been kissed and have had boyfriends. My two best friends always date and it seems like guys go after them and don't even look at me. They are always dating and I feel left out. I want an actual relationship we're the guy is nice to me he's cute kisses me and we do fun things together. I want to find someone because I haven't even held hands with a boy and I'm 15 so please help!
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I GOT MY FIRST KISS!! It was so perfect and I want to thank all of you who commented so much for helping me! You are the true life savors!

Trust me if you just be patient and try not to make things happen, they will. I learned that if I stop worrying about things and just relax they'll happen

I was here myself, I remember at school that all of my friends had boy friends and I felt odd to be single, I often pretended I had a boyfriend when off on holidays etc just to fit in. It's only now that I'm older and I realise that this was silly of me . Don't for one second doubt yourself, have you thought that the boys are probely to shy to ask you out because they like you that much? And maybe the girls who get the boys all the time are just easy? Life is so difficult as an adolescence thank god I'm over that stage, but just remember sweetie love yourself and others will too xx

Cant agree more than wat OMgirldata has said :)

It's important to realize that just because everyone one else is conforming to what every body else is doing doesn't mean you have to. One doesn't get a boyfriend to fit in with everyone else. One gets a boyfriend because they find someone who they really connect with and they want to have an intimate relationship with. I'm not much older than you but when I was your age I did conform and only later did I realize that I wasn't doing it for myself.. I was doing it to fit in which was fun while it lasted but it didn't lead to anything worthwhile. When we are young we always want to be adults and when we are adults we always wish we could be young again. That is something I wish I fully realized when I was younger. I'm not even old but I've learned much in these few years. I know it doesn't seem like it right now but you are going to change a lot in a few years too. Enjoy what you have in the moment. Don't rush yourself. Go with the flow. Do what makes you most happy.