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I own a property management co. An acquaintance came to me asking for a house to rent because his girlfriend kicked him out for cheating.
I needed to get my personal home rented out because my father was very sick and I needed to move closer to him.
I moved this guy into my house and because I felt sorry for him, didn't charge him a security deposit, or make him put the utilities in his name because he said he couldn't afford the deposits.
Since then I had a major leak in the guest bathroom which I fixed and there was a small area that needed new drywall.
He asked me if I could have the house cleaned once the repairs were fixed. I hired a cleaning person to clean the construction areas and all the adjacent rooms to the construction area.

He just wrote me an e-mail and blasted me for not cleaning the entire house including his master bedroom. He said dust settles everywhere when repairs are done. Keep in mind the repairs were made in the guest bath and kit. and there was only a small area of new drywall about 18" up from the floor, just patchwork.
Should I be responsible for cleaning the whole house? His master bedroom toilet, sinks and shower?
Also he is responsible for changing air and water filters for the house and has never changed them, so I had to go in during the repairs and see the dirty filters which I changed.
I also paid for tree trimming which he has never done and is responsible for. I just did it as a favor and it was expensive. Needless to say he never even noticed the tree trimming which cost me 100.00.
How should I handle this tenant, and how should I respond to his e-mail?
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2012

yes, plus I gave him $150.00 off the rent for 2 months. I'm just trying to figure out how to respond to him without showing that I am upset and keeping it professional.<br />
How do you think I should respond to him? I don't want to develop a bad reputation, and I want him to refer me. Maybe that's not going to happen.

Any work will result in some mess he should realize that as long as you got cleaners in then that's were your responsibility ends.