Me and my bestfriend are working on a relationship. Me and him have been working on it for a good amount of time. I lost my virginity too him and i fell inlove with him. I waited to believe and understand but i realized im inlove with him. The thing is, he doesnt know how too be in a relationsip, he's affraid of hurting me. I understand that and im not rushing into things because i want it too be worth it... He doesnt open up too me the way i do, im confused on whats going on. He spends time with me always, we always text and talk on the phone at night sometimes. Were always with eachother when we can. We go out too dinner, shopping and just being together. I just feel a way because of how things go. Its like im hurt by all of this. I try talking too him about it but its always the same answer.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2012

It sounds like he might be afraid of commitment. If you are ready to settle down in a relationship with him but he isn't you can't force it. Be good friends, best friends even, for a while and just see how it plays out. If he feels the same way that you do about the relationship idea he will commit but you can't rush it or force it upon him. Be patient and relax. You are young and have your whole lives together, there's no need to rush now. Just be happy with where you are and if he wants to come around and be with you in that respect, he will. Good luck :)