People From The Past...

Ever since high school I have tried my best to avoid friends that made many issues with me since junior high and I have tried to keep them from knowing anything about my present life. However, my boyfriend is friends with their friends and runs into them. He knows my side of things yet he still became friends with one of the girls on Facebook. Am I overreacting by being incredibly uncomfortable with this? Should I bring it up with him? We've been having so many ups and downs for the past month and this would only add to it. What do i do? :(
Sparksfly4 Sparksfly4
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

It is a tough call but honestly only you know the answer :(...I would say let it slide for the time being if you think it will cause more trouble than it's worth...but then again if you guys are having problems then who knows, maybe you should move on? I don't know the whole story but I would just say to your question it is very normal to be uncomfortable but for the time being if he just has her on his friends list it probably doesn't mean much...I don't even know who I have for friends on FB! Probably he just accpets any friend requests and doesn't reallt think about it...Have you just asked him why (in a clam manner), he added her?