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Ok here we go I'm a 15 year old kid in high school for most of my life I have been picked on and pushed around by a lot of people recently in the last two years the bullying has disappeared I'm now friends with pretty much everyone in my grade and here's my actual problem there's a girl I really like she is absolutely beautiful she has an amazing personality and I really want to ask her out I've always been an extremely shy person I don't talk much at all I've only talk to her about three times with the casual hi or how are you I'm not afraid of rejection but every time I go to talk to her I freez up and just walk away which makes me look very stupid so if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it
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I try to cut out introductions when meeting someone for the first time, which makes it less awkward. When I hold a conversation with someone I've just met, I pretend like I knew them my whole life.

It might help if you talk to her alone, I notice that people tend to get more nervous if others are around b/c they will feel like they are judging/ starring* at them. When you do talk to her, tell her right away that your shy and let her know that there might be times when you freeze up. So that you can take your time to talk to her and not feel like you need to rush.<br />
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I hope this helps, if not then sorry. ^_^

I thank you so much for the advice :D I will definitely try this I never thought of telling her that I might freeze up again thank you so much

If you are interested in this girl you need to get to know her on a friend basis first before you even think about "asking her out". Believe me on this one. You will seem much more mature if you try to approach her as a person rather than send her a note saying "check yes or no". Try hanging around the people she hangs around..I'm not sure if she and you are in the same group of friends or not but if so that is a lot easier. Honestly if you can't bring yourself to talk to her face to face send her a message over facebook saying "Hey I think you're really cool blah blah blah wanna catch a movie sometime" Or if that is too much...I remember in high school being direct is pretty much impossible...then instead send her a message about something non-threatening...if you have a class together talk about that...have mutual friends, talk about them...etc...as far as hanging out with her outside of school you could get a group of friends to go do something and somehow get her invited, either by you inviting her or by someone else inviting her...but if you invited her via email or whatever you would score BIG POINTS. It would show her you were thinking of HER. Just be straight up, tell her she seems really cool, would she like to go to ________this weekend with the everyone? Then the pressure is off because it's not really a date but you've made contact! But once again...play it cool. Don't "ask her out" until you've at least hung out outside of school. I know what I'm talking about lol my boyfriend and I met our freshmen year, became best friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend, and now we have been together for 6 years and have our own place. Good luck :)

I thank you so much for the advice but it's more that I can't even talk to her I just get way to nervous

Could you get the courage to talk to her online or through text somehow? Those are the only things I could think of to help you, but really theres no need to be nervous bro, she's a person just like you :) Believe me, girls are not the mystical creatures that boys seem to think they are. It's gonna be one of those things where you just need to get the courage to talk to her..once you've started, things will be much easier and you will wonder what the hell took you so long to say something! Just ask yourself...what are you really nervous about? Believe me, nothing bad will happen lol I think you need to do some self confidence exercises or something :p Show a little confidence and she will be impressed :)