Help! My Best Friend Is Moving Away With Her Abusive Boyfriend!

So once again I am asking for advice from the EP community...I feel like I vent on here too much...
And as usual I am asking for advice about my best friend.
Without getting into too much detail, my best friend got into a relationship with a HOMELESS 30 year old guy (she is only 20 with no job and no liscense) , had him move in with her at her parents house after knowing him for a week, I stopped talking to her because I thought she had lost her freaking her parents house is getting foreclosed on, and this guy shes been "with" for about six months is buying a house about 3 hours north of here in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. let me backtrack...I told my friend what a ******* nut she was for having this weirdo move in with her, she got pissed and stopped talking to me...Well about a month ago after 5 months of not talking (longest we've ever gone) I sent her a message asking how she was and she started talking to me...but she was acting really she would act excited to have me come pick her up to do something and then she would back out with lame excuses right before...I suspect this guy is abusing her and doesn't want her to talk to her friends, no one has seen her since about a month after she started dating this guy...also, we will be talking through text or over FB and having a good time when suddenly she'll stop responding or she'll say "ttyl" and end the conversation. Ok so back to my main point...this guy is moving her FAR away from her family and friends I think on purpose, the town he wants to move them to is literally almost in Canda and is an hour away from anything...why would he want that? I'm freaking out because her mother is very abused by her father and I know my friend has put up with abusive boyfriends in the past..I'm scared of losing my best friend, what if he murders her, no one would miss her at work and half the time she won't respond to my texts because shes scared, how can I protect her! Please,I really need advice or even a kind word as I am about to go off the deep end!
GlitterQueenXO GlitterQueenXO
18-21, F
Sep 7, 2012