HELP with life.... life is becoming more of a mess everyday! It all started in April when my best male friend told me he loved me! I told him there was no chance of a relationship, however unknown to me, he continued his fascination, thinking there was a chance. He became touchy feely and i turned round and told him finally that there are no feelings for him! has been harassment ever since, asking for a relationship, i dont have to feel anything cos they might grow etc etc. He accuses me of cheating on him, with another friend and telling people our relationship lasted a few weeks, there never was one! this is where the other friend comes in, we are very close and there has been a lot of sexual tension between us even though he is 6 years older. he knows about everything with this other guy! the other week we got together for one night, but since then nothing has changed, just friends, and he has never bought it into conversation, just continued like nothing happened :S i think i would like a relationship with him, but dont think he would! i worry i bother him because of the age gap! this gets worse as i am moving away to uni next week, meaning a relationship is defs not gonna happen, however, he keeps asking how long it is until i go, is this a sign?? im the only girl in this group of guys, but ive been told im a flirt and i lead people on, is this why? is hugging them hello and goodbye flirty?? what should i do?
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Do nothing you are moving.