Need Advice On A Friend

Im 19 and my best friend has been my friend for 4 years now, also my only friend at this time. They have helped me through my most difficult times and saved me more times than I can count, I trust them with everything. They to have opened up to me and we both see each other as best friends but I have a strong feeling they stole my Ipod. I had a green Ipod and around the time I bought a new Ipod I noticed it went missing. I never really looked for it b/c I had a new one.

Understand that we are close enough that we always hang out @ each others houses and go through each others phones(just to look at pic or changer our contact name to silly ones). They could pick up my computer and get one it with out me saying anything about asking first. The same with them, I could always pick up their phone or computer and go through it and they never had a problem b4.

Well, couple days after I noticed my ipod gone I was at their house and saw a green I pod just like mine on their dresser. When I asked when they got an Ipod they quickly grabbed it and put it away saying an uncle gave it to them. I shrugged it off @ first but then I looked everywhere for my green ipod and never found it. So I started wondering and the next time I saw the ipod I grabbed it to look and see if my music and videos where on it. (My friend does not have an itunes account so they cant erase the old stuff) but b4 I could turn it on they swiped it from me saying not to waist the battery and they put it in their pocket. A couple days later I noticed it again and when I reached for it they quickly grabbed it say the same thing. I replied saying then just plug it in, I wanna see what music you have. Their little sister was in the room too and said to me as a joke steal it from them and see what they are hiding. My friend never gets mad around me but that comment got them mad, they yelled at their sister to "shut up" and ignored the rest. I could tell they were getting annoyed so I dropped the subject.

This person is not only my ONLY friend but some one who helped me through the worst years/days of my life. They have been my support and always encouraged me. Im not really mad about the ipod its self, I would have given it to them if they asked. What upsets me is that if they really stole my ipod how can I trust them, real friends do not steal from one another. I wanna ask straight forward if they stole it but I already know they will say they did not Or what if I did ask and they show me the ipod and Im wrong, this would ruin our friendship.

I dont know what I should do!!???
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1 Response Sep 7, 2012

I would not ask her if she stole the ipod, because I think you know that she did. What I would do is simply talk about it and try to understand why it's so important to her. Let her know that if she really needs something to just ask for it.

I dont understand, how is talking about her taking the ipod not the same as asking if she stole it?