I really like thig guy, we've been texting each other a lot and video call each other. We don't go to the same school which makes it hard for me to see him. I'm really falling for him at this point. But I saw that he commented on this girls picture on Facebook mulitiple times saying she was gorgeous or cute. That girl and I used to be best friends and I felt jealous of her. She has always had what I didn't and always got what she wanted. It really bothered me because he never says anything like that to me. I just feel really insecure about myself, knowing that he thinks she's gorgeous. And I know I'll never be her, nor will I ever try to be. Do I have no chance with him? Thoughts anyone?
AHail AHail
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Look for other guys, and don't get hung up on this one boy. Once you open yourself up to other opportunities you will see a change with the people around you. They will be drawn to you. Not only other potential boyfriends, but this guy also. So keep your eyes out for other guys that you might be attracted to, and you never know what is in store for you. (But don't do it to make him jealous, but knowing that you are getting to know other guys might make this guy come around.)