Its Complicated

So, I met a guy.. And I really started to like him.. But I knew it would never work.. He ending up dating a girl that is horrible.. So not like him at all.. It's hard to see him with another girl and especially because with extra work he could have been mine.. He treats her like gold and she treats him like dirt.. He usually comes to me for advice and tbh I love when he does.. The other night she was drinking and he was worried.. In the past he had been cheated on alot which makes him concerned.. The thing is.. She's the kind of person who would.. He Always goes for the wrong girls and he's knows it.. Lately I've been feeling like I want him.. No.. I need him.. We would be perfect and everyone sees. But i don't know what to do.. It's hard.. He's unloved with the wrong girl. Help.. Please?
Lovelongtimd Lovelongtimd
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

i think you should tell him...he is honest and see what happens...

It's simple...tell him how you feel, tell him what you think and ask questions. There's a lot to gain in this situation, be honest and see what happens