Young Love... Help Me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months (on sept. 5) and I'm starting to get worried. When he and I started dating, we had already been best friends for a while. We have tons in common from favorites to morals and beliefs and we've always had a very strong connection. Keep in mind that although we are both 16 years old we are relatively mature for our age. We are not as naive as everyone expects... as naive as that sounds. Anyway, we've always had usual arguments over, what I believe are, common things like when we want to become sexually active and jealousy issues from both of us. Lately, over the past month, my boyfriend has become overly protective of me and looking into things far too much. Like, me laughing at a male friend's joke? He views this as flirting, even though it's completely innocent. I assure him over and over that I love him and only him. And I do. Also, because of my boyfriend's parents, he's very insecure with himself because they are constantly bringing him down even though he is a smart, talented, handsome boy. He tends to act very 'bipolar' with me, too. Some days he's so happy and then he acts like he wants nothing to do with me... anyway. But he, on the other hand, is constantly teasing my friend and touching her arm and going out of his way to get her attention. I find that it is very disrespectful to our relationship but whenever I bring it up, he denies he has any feelings for her. Is he just trying to make me jealous? I mean, make me feel bad for when I "flirt" with other males? Or is he showing too much interest in her? He claims their just friends, but I don't know what to do at this point. I love him with all my heart, he is my best friend. But he's acting so... different, I don't know how to react to him. I don't want to leave him unless he actually has serious interest in my "friend", but I need some advice as to how I should go about confronting him and things like that. Please help me?
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I would discuss your concerns with him. Certainly if his family constantly put him down, that contributes to his insecurity. His flirting with another girl may be his attempt to get you to stop what he thinks is flirting; but I don't think that you are trying to flirt, by simply laughing at another guys jokes. This tells me he is overly insecure and possibly a bit controlling. I would tell him that you do not like that, and if he cares enough for you, he will charge his ways. I would pray for guidance, and I will also pray for you.

He's being controling to you. Dump him fast. Don't let any guy treat you like that.

sounds like he is becomming very controling of you so you may have to set some guidelines withhim and you or walk just make sure you are using protection if you play and you in this case need to provide it so you know it has no holes<br />
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think about it if you get knocked up he has more reason to fight for you and call you his