I Have A Story To Tell...its Long

so me and my girl have been dating for 2 years. which is my longest relationship to date. i am 22 and she is 23 going on 24. She lives by herself and i unfortunatly still live with my parents (working on moving out). so as not to get confused i will be calling her gabriella. so anyways to my problem.

When we first started dating we shared many mutual friends because we worked together. So since we had so many mutual friends it just seemed natural for us to hangout often. So many good memories were made in that time. Eventually , though, as time went on people started leaving and finding new jobs and eventually me and gabriella decided it was best to get new jobs also. Since i still lived at my parents house i tried to find a decent paying job where it i was about equal distance from gabriella and my house. so i found a job first and supported gabriella while she looked for a job. Now at the time i didnt think anything of it but eventually she was able to find a job at a high end restuarant downtown where the pay was really good. i was happy for her. She worked and i worked and everything was good. Now our previous job together was a restuarant so i know how a certian comradrie is formed when working in places like this, and i knew this. Again i was happy for her because as much as i love spending time with my gabriella we still need our own space. So in the beginning she would invite me out to meet her new friends and we would party and drink and just have a good time. Now i knew i wouldnt be able to go out all the time because i live way on the other side of the city and plus these were gabriella's friends not mine. But eventually she would stop inviting me altogether. In the begining i found this strange but accepted it, so two weeks turned in to one month which turned in to 2 months of not getting invited out. Now during this time me and gabriella would still hangout every week but i decided to bring it up. her answer basically to me was "its a work thing". it was a weird answer but if i wanted to hangout with just the guys i would say something similar to that (actually i would say it in a way not to hurt her feelings). so this would keep happening and she would come back and tell me all her stories about her amazing night and i couldnt help but feel left out. Now this would build resentment toward her because i was jealous. i was jealous because she would go out all the time and i would be stuck at home on my computer. So i kind of withdrew i stopped texting her as often only texted when necessary. This lead to tension and eventually we would have many fights probably the toughest time in our relationship (so far). Eventually we got through it and i was able to really understand why she never invited me out. It was because she did not like how well i was able to get along with her friends (which i must admit i am pretty charming). The only problem was though that it wasnt gabriellas girlfriends i would get along with the best it was her guy friends. Now i know your thinking that this is not normal . now i cannot reveal everything about her past relationship but what i can say is that he took everything from her and when i say everything i mean everything her clothes, jewellery, bed, even her bestfriends he was a manipulater. so i understand where she is coming from. but i cannot shake this resentment. it sucks that i have to pay for what this guy did. maybe im just being to dramatic. i will still be patient i just need advice on how to get over this resentment. all i can say is that right now i just wanna get hammered with out my girlfriend there
Matizy Matizy
Sep 15, 2012