Me and one of my good guy friends that I was pretty close with decided to use each other for sex. Booty call. before all that if one of us couldnt sleep we'd talk on the phone or chat on the computer for hours, always were there for eachother for advice, it was like clock work he;d call me almost every day on his way to and from work just to have some company on the car ride there! We are upbeat fun spontaneous people who live a fast single life, hes a pretty known guy, im a bit popular as well. not trying to sound cocky. We're both the type that does not like to answer to people, or be tied down. Not exactly ***** around, just dont like to have that burden there. He has had sex with quite a bit of people and me not very many at all.We're both broken individuals and been ****** over in relationships, so we're very much a like. We both like to be flirty, and thats probably what started all this. We both wanted sex but didnt want it talked about, drama, weirdness, etc. I'm not being cocky or concieded at all, but there are a good number of guys that would kill to hook up with me,(as well as a lot of girls that would kill to hook up with him) and that have tried to so many times, im just not that type of person. The only hoe-ish thing I've Ive done is hooked up with him . We have been doing this for a while, doing eachother favors, I have no feelings for him at all. Weather anyone wants to believe me or not, its hard for me to have feelings for someone, and its just not like that. I'm pretty sure he doesnt have feelings for me either. But our friendship had pretty much sank, Ive always liked that friendship because we both can relate to eachother so well because we;ve both been through the same **** in life, before we hooked up, he came to me for pretty much everything, he'd drive an hour just to hangout cause he was having a bad day. and im one of the few that has even seen tht side of him, becuase hes not the type of person just to talk to anyone about his problems, hes the party everynight like a friggin king and everyone thinks hes just the ****, anyways, Now i never get a phone call, text, anything, just right before we hook up, which is fine by me, i just dont feel like he considers me a friend anymore, I hardly even know whats going on with him, i just miss that friendship bond we had. How do I get it back. And I promise there are no feelings there.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Do you bootycall, or text everyday? Did you start treating your new relationship with him different from the good friend you used to have. I think you did change, and now your spooking the herd. Either you now need to get more freaky in bed, or just shut down the booty calls all together. The get more freaky in bed part is the most obvious choice... to throw out. Seriously now no booty calls should peak his curiosity. He will be concerned enough to come see you and discuss any problems there may be. If not, it may be time to cut your losses and move on unfortunately without your one time friend. Unfortunately sex always changes a relationship. No exceptions no do overs.