Broken Heart?

Hello, I am a college student in need of some serious advice. I am a closeted bisexual and I live with my best friend in an apartment. I have been attracted to him for the past few months but never really thought I had feelings for him. That is until he said he had feelings for this girl and she came over. They hooked up and the next day he told me about it. My heart was crushed, it was so unexpected. I have had trouble talking to him all day because it just makes me hurt. I don't know what to do because we LIVE together and he is my best friend. Do I just stop talking to him? or do I move out? I don't want to live with this pain.. because I really don't like it. I've never been in love or had a broken heart so this is pretty difficult. Sorry if this is poorly written, I am drinking and very upset. Please please please give me advice.. this is terrible.
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I am sorry to hear this.

Here's the thing... if you love him, even as a friend, you want him to be happy. Treasure thoughts of his happiness and know that you cannot play into that equation romantically. Then, don't LET yourself think of him in a romantic sense. Don't imagine kissing him or anything else.

The worst part about a broken heart is that there is no cure except time. It IS going to hurt, whether you move out or not. I suggest not making any big decisions, like moving out, while you are on this emotional roller coaster. You will get over him, especially since he doesn't return your feelings, but it's going to hurt. Let it hurt. Go through the motions. Meanwhile, go out with friends and do things that make you happy. One day you're going to wake up and realize that it doesn't hurt any more.

Is your friend bisexual? If not he might not feel the same way . If he is wait until he's not with that girl anymore. And tell him you have to tell him something . Then tell him your bisexual. Then wait and see how he acts around you for a few days. Then if your ready tell him you have feelings for him. If that dont work out move out. And dont drink anymore it wont help.

No he is not bisexual. I just wish I wasn't falling hard for my best friend.

Maybe you should move out and just be friends. Because seeing him with girls would just hurt.

It does hurt. i'm just wondering if there is a way I could get over it.

Move out and give it some time.Keep busy.

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