Bestfriend...or Maybe Not

So me and my best friend got in a huge fight about her online boyfriend. We've been fighting about this since July and it's become worse every time. She trusted him, even though he never cammed with her or gave her his cell number or facebook. They chatted over a site called Penguin lodge...which in my opinion isn't safe. She trusted him so much that she told him where we live, like what town and everything. I was so fed up with it that I went to guidance at school to find out what to do. She found out that I did this and she flipped on me and said a lot of mean things to her other friend, who was my friend before, about me. It turned very deadly, especially since she knows so much about me. She decided to tell her online boyfriend that I went to guidance and he broke up with her...suspicious much? But I was so sick of fighting that after about a week, I tried to makeup. So we did...or atleast I thought we did. Turns out the person who trashed talked about me with her drew a picture of my boyfriend as the devil and had something else drawn about me. The only part that I saw was the part with my boyfriend on it, they covered up the rest. That is how I knew it was about me. I have just found out today that they are turning people against me. She started hanging out with the new girl and then she texted me practically telling me about the new girl liking my boyfriend. Then she called me later on that day and we chatted about that, yet she was saying that the new girl didn't like him. Later on, they decided to walk up to my other best friend(T)'s house and they told T's parents that I was hacking T's facebook because I thought that T liked my boyfriend...which was ALL a lie! Then I realized what she is trying to do. When she called me, the new girl was most likely hanging out with her. Which makes it seem like I'm a you know what. She put false information in my head and now she is trying to turn people against me. I just don't know what to do anymore. She's actually succeeding in getting people to hate me. She tried messing up me and T's she is going to try and break up my relationship. I told this to my boyfriend, and he tried to reassure me by saying he won't believe it, but she's a good liar...I'm so scared, and I don't know what to do anymore. I need some advice...any takers?
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ignore those girls . theyre not your real friends . make new friends do whatever you need to do. if i were you id stand up to them. you did a good thing by telling the counsler.

I feel you girl , And here's my advice .. I've had a lot of so called "friends" and each one done something different to me , I lost everyone . Maybe except two. All the others lied , talked crap behind my back . I mean just a couple weeks ago I had a "friend" Message my boyfriend saying I was cheating and stuff -.- Now back to my point , She's not a true friend, True friends are there for you and they would never do anything like that to someone who is a friend . Now lets be honest your being a good friend to her , There are crazy people on the internet , There is no telling who she was "dating" if that's what you would call it . Its good that you were protective over her . But anyways, Just don't pay it attention , I had to learn this the hard way . " If you react to the drama , the enemy is already winning" Some advice I got. Its true too , If you let her run you and you react by getting mad or anything shes already winning , when you ignore it then it will go away :)

Your not her parents so why worry about her and her boyfriend?

She told him where I live too. She didn't even ask me if she could tell him that and now he knows my full name and my address

Sounds like your jealous. Nothing happen get over it.

I'm not jealous? I'm scared of the fact that she told some random dude on the internet where I live.

If you had read this fully, you would have seen that I have a boyfriend and I actually care about him enough that I don't want anything to come inbetween us. If you had a good friend and they chatted some random dude on the internet and told them where you live, wouldn't you be kinda creeped out and scared too? I'm pretty positive you would.

Why would that cause anythingto come between you and your boyfriend?

well..she made up lies to make my best friend hate me and I'm afraid that she is going to make up more lies to make my boyfriend hate me:(

She's a good friend. I talk to my friends when they make bad decisions, simply because I don't want to see them get hurt. No more than that. It would hurt me to see them get hurt. No alternative motives.

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