I Don't Know What To Do

Heey! i really need advice. I can't go to my friends for these things because they'll run off and tell everyone for sure. here's the deal. I was crushing on this guy for a few months then he asked me out and we've been dating for what.. a year? But a few weeks ago he just started acting tough around his friends and completely ignoring me! he gets mad that i walk home from school with my ex. well I was thinking if he cared so much he can walk me myself! Then I got even more upset to find out that my boyfriend was bullying my friends behind my back! I want to talk to him but i don't know what to say. And he'll keep ignoring me. while my ex is a different story. he treats me better than my own bf does! He just gets my mind off everything in a special way... I don't know what to do and i could really use some help. Thanks so much!! =)
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

give it some time . talk to him. do not break up with him immidiatly . because you will want him back trust me ive made this mistake so many times. youre probobly in highschol. i am too boys are stupid . its a hard time for girls its also as hard for boys too. so talk to him.

Dump him fast. If he's bullying your friends he has anger issues. Run.