There Is Just One Thing.

Ok, I really need advice and help on this matter, I have been seeing my girlfriend for about 7 months now and everything is going amazing, except one thing.

Before I met her she had a 7 year relationship with her ex, they got engaged then he moved away to work and they became more friends than lovers... I need to point to out that we met (did not get involved) while they were still going out so the time between them breaking up and us going out isn't huge by any means.

Anyway, they didn't have any contact for the first few months and I never really brought up the topic, suddenly his name appeared out of the blue and she asked me would she mind if she was to meet up with him.

To cut a longer story short they met up a few times but its date stuff (meals, cinema, car shows) my head goes crazy every time his name is brought up! Now I am not a paranoid guy by any means but this is throwing me over the edge! I feel like checking her phone.

I have tried to speak to her and we now just argue over the topic!

I am at my whits end, could anyone please help me.

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18-21, M
5 Responses Nov 28, 2012

You need to come to terms with the fact that you started dating someone in limbo. she did not fall out of love with her bf, it just was not working due to distance. You were likely the stand in to pass the time while he was away. Of course she still has feelings for him, how can she make room for you. You have made a mistake and so has she.

Check her phone. Trust your instincts. BTW if that's you're real pic, you're a cutie. You don't need a cheater.

Use your instincts- something is telling you this whole thing isn't right. tell her that you feel uncomfortable and see what her reponse is. If it is entirely innocent why wouln't you her him and other friends just all go out as a group. In life if there are warning signals, then HEED them.

I think that you are right to be worried. If she wasn't thinking about him, she wouldn't need to meet up with him.

Thanks :(