I Dont Know My Problem...

I started to feel lonely, out of place, and sad freshmen year of high school. I was sent to a school were I had no one, none of my friends from middle school came with me. I made friends, but we would rarely would hangout outside of class. I would hangout with my old middle school friends more than with the people in my freshmen class. Then this year sophomore year came around. I didn't hangout with any of my classmates from high school only old friends from middle school during summer. Once we started school again I felt lonely and out of place like people were judging me. I have friends but no one I can really connect with. I can talk to people but I don't know what to do anymore. I think something is wrong with me. I feel lost and I cant't find the old me. What is wrong with me?
Mfwalsh4 Mfwalsh4
Nov 28, 2012