Just Advice Please.

I've been dating this guy Tom for 2 years and it's been on and off. The worst part is we both messed up but I have never cheated on him. He cheated on me 2 times and now well thier is a baby involved. I was so perfect and I gave him everything but it never seemed like he was trying. I looked thru his phone one day and I found him texting a girl about sending nudes and I packed all my things and left. He called the same day but i was soo mad and upset i couldn't answer. I called him for a week and he finaly calls back when i'm at a guys house he's like family. I was so hurt those nights I cryed and cryed i couldn't eat i'm stressed nd the worst part is I'm 25 Weeks pregnent and he knows but he wanted me to get abortion when it was to late then he changed his mind but he stopped coming around this is all confusing but anyway we got in a huge fight and now after everything he wants me back? I love him and I care alot but I feel like me and him should just be friends and he don't wanna be he wants to be friends but without me talking to guys and I said no. So can I get some kind of advice please
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2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

Sounds to me like he's not the type to ever become a reliable partner, so there seems no point in making any emotional investment in him. To me it's just a question of to what extent you are prepared to have him in your and your child's life in future (i.e. is he likely to be a good father figure).

one thing's clear: he's not worth your love. maybe you love him either you're still enamoured by him or because the baby. if i were you i would only keep in touch with him for baby matters IF HE CARES ABOUT THE CHILD. if not, i'll take him out of my life for good and focus my attention to myself and my child...best of luck.