The Wrong Guy For Me ??

I really like this boy, some might even say love, but its just like he doesn't like me as much as i like him. He will hug me and stuff and we hold hands, but tonight he was talking to my friend right next to me and asked her for advice. He said " if you were a guy and there was this girl that you really liked and you went out with her but you two kept breaking up. And she started going out with a guy that you hated and then she started texting you saying she wanted to chill and you still liked her would you be mad at her." This "mystery girl" however is not me. Then he said that there was another girl and she had a boyfriend but they where texting and she said she wanted him to make a sign for her for her game. And i was just sitting there and i felt so bad. I mean i can't go to sleep without dreaming about him. I can't go a second without thinking about how much i love to make him smile because it just brightens up my day. But yet he still talks to other girls. I guess its hard to expect him to make a commitment seeing how i was similar. I never made commitments but i just feel like this time he is different. Like there is something better and different inside him. I mean when we have conversations its like we get each other and he makes me laugh and god i just love his smile. I guess i'm just trying to ask if i should just forget about him and move on or should i try and see if this could turn into something better and work out.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Honestly, it seems like he isn't considering much of how you feel, as much as you are considering him and love him dearly. If you are close with him, maybe let him know how you feel, without expecting anything in return. But if it hurts you to know he's showing attention to other girls, then remind yourself, that you are worth a guy being into you and showing it by his actions, not disregarding your feelings at all. Hope this helps.