Just Need Advice Really

My boyfriend is good to me, but I'm losing the spark I once had with him. And he doesn't deserve someone who loves him half-heartedly, and I want to move on and focus on me. We've only been dating for 6 months, which to me, seems short, but I know to him, it seems like an eternity. And he really likes/loves me, and like seriously it breaking my heart that I feel like this because I don't want to break HIS heart. And I see him in school (I'm in highschool, exactly why I don't like 6 months is such a big deal), and ugh...I just need advice? & I know life goes on and everything and I'm perfectly fine with ending it, but he's not as "mature" minded as mean and I know he's gonna take it like it's the end of the world.
onlybirdsweremeanttofly onlybirdsweremeanttofly
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

girl your to oyung to worry about that i was 15 when I got in my relationship ive been in it for 15yrs worst thing i gave my happiness trust me he will be just fine you always wanna make sure your happy first