Can Anyone Help Me?

OK, so a few weeks ago me and my now ex girlfriend broke up after a year and five months. She recently has a new boyfriend and he started a bunch of crap on Facebook about me and I said something to him about it and he acts all cocky to me and calls me a few mean names and I am ready to beat his head in. I usually like peace and my mom, brother, cousin, and step dad says not to worry about it and I told him I was going to beat his head in when I seen him because of it and I usually stick to my word. I like the peace and I try to respect everyone, until the disrespect me. Well, you get the picture here so should I fight him or what should I do? I really need some help you guys. Thanks in advance. :)
TroyHawkins TroyHawkins
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Don't, just ask yourself this, is it worth it? you know that you are not anything of what he called you so stop worrying about it. Don't lower yourself down to his level, you have more potential, you are more mature. Let him know that he is the childish one and that he is the one that needs to change. Its not worth the fighting. Plus, he's probably doing it because you are his girlfriend's ex. is just not worth it. All I can say is to ignore him. Trust me, he'll stop.

I wouldnt let it bother just be the bigger person and ignore it hes just looking for attention hes trying to get at u