This story is gunna be kind of confusing if I don't use names so I'm just gunna use pretend names cuz I don't wanna use the real names. I have been with my boyfriend bob for almost a year and a half and we've known each other since we were 11 years old and were 21 now. We went out in the 7th grade but broke up not long after cuz it didnt work cuz we were in different schools. We lost touch after we broke up but got back in touch and became the bestest of friends. I fought for this guy for almost 2 years because I fell in love with him. I also have another good friend joe who has been another best friend of mine since he moved here 5 years ago we hung out everyday even when me and bob got back in touch. Joe and I have been nothing more then friends the best of friends until 2 years ago a really drunk night happened and me and joe ended up sleeping together following the next day with joe telling me he liked me. I did have feelings for joe as well but I had fallen in love with bob and wanted bob. Well I have bob and things have been goin well except when I tried to hang with joe and bob doesn't want me around joe unless he's there because they are also good friends but they met through me. Basically I cannot see joe because we had a drunk sex night 2 years ago and it breaks my heart that I cannot see joe but also it's breaking my heart more because I feel like my feelings for joe have started growing and growing and there's days I wonder if I made the right choice being with bob instead of joe everytime I'm with bob it feels right but when I even talk to joe I can't stop smiling its like I don't even need to see his face to be happy so I don't kno if I have made the right choice and I feel so confused and need advice
Happydays002 Happydays002
Dec 2, 2012