Can Someone Enlighten Me

I will put this as simple as possible. I like(d) a man. This man liked me. We become great friends, unfortunately nothing ever became because of certain circumstances. We both were very emotionally invested in each other. Eventually our story became one with no official ending. A couple years passed, now he has a woman. I've been told he can't talk to me he knows what will happen, his current relationship would be ruined. I understand because of all the unfinished business.
Okay, not a problem with me...
But what I don't like is him blatantly ignoring the people I associate with. Including family members!
He can't even respond if they say hi... He will look the other way.
What is up that? They did nothing to him!
Does he just despise me that bad?
I don't get it, they have nothing to do with what happened between us.
kelsijade kelsijade
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Hmmm I dont get it either. Maybe try a bold move and call him or email.