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Hello, i am married with two little boys and my husband has just recently left for boot camp to join the army. I have graduated school to be a dental assistant and I take my registration test in a couple of weeks. He does not want me to get a job he wants me to stay home with the kids and basically do nothing. And I do not agree with that I feel like if I stay at home then all my hard work I did at school means nothing. So right now there is no income coming in and I'm having to rely on my family and his for everything and I do not feel right about it. So I am going against his wishes and I'm going to try to get a job so I can be more independent. And another thing Ido not know if I want to go with him when he gets stationed somewhere I don't like the idea of being a long way away from home with no job or money of my own incase something happens. So basically this is what I want to do and this is what I need advice on to see what other people think. I want to get a job and save up money so by this coming up year my cousin and me and my boys can move out into an apartment or something on our own and then if my husband wants to still be with me then we can start from the beginning and work on our relationship.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I think you should get a job, but first tell him.

I think you should go for it but tell him now. So he dont get a surprise and he can get use to the idea.