Well at school I feel left out sometimes and I try to be nice to people and everything but they take advantage of me so, now this person is mad at me for simply no reason and I've tried kindness but they then if into meanness! Any advice???
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Just keep being nice to people but dont be a doormat. Don't let people walk all over you just to have friends or a boyfriend. Maybe invite someone you don't know well to a movie?

Ok, thank you :)

Kindness and good manners are never wasted my dear. Good for you that you are nice to everyone! If someone has decided to be angry and you are not able to find out why then, move on.
At your age I believe it is called Drama...well at any age it is. I am afraid everyone feels left out at times. The only thing to do is recognize that you are not alone. Everyone just doesn't admit to it.
Keep your head up and a smile in place. When people are rude remember you don't have to attend every fight your invited to. I always though of it as not letting other people dictate to me how I behave. They can make me mad or sad, they just can not make me behave that way.
Hang in there dear the best years are the ones After High School I promise. Hugs Mamma Jenna

Thank you, this helps:)