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i've been speculating for about 2 weeks now that my brother is in an intimate relationship with our cousin's wife. the reason why is because whenever i go near his computer he exits out the chat box on facebook and i know that he's talking to her because i recognized her profile picture from far away. today my brother forgot to sign out of his facebook and i went through his messages. surely enough i found extremely dirty messages of him and my cousin's wife (who i will call emily as a fake name) emily lives in mexico with her two kids and our cousin, while my brother and i live here in the u.s.~ a long time ago my brother told me that our cousin was abusive towards emily, but i do not understand why they would still be together because i know emily is not the type that would let herself get abused. i'm very close with my brother and we've always gotten along, but finding out about this just makes me so uncomfortable and i don't know what to think. i'm so scared to tell him anything about this and i just don't know what to do. i wish emily would just divorce our cousin already since my brother and her have been together for who knows how long. i don't know what to do please help!
ellymoon ellymoon
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Confront your brother, then your cousin's wife. If her husband is an abuser then she needs to leave him.